The much-anticipated occasion of your baby's first steps is nearly here! For their comfort and safety during this memorable event, pre-walker baby shoes are essential.

Support your infant's development with cruising, first walking or pre-walker baby shoes. Designed to protect and cushion their feet as they take their first steps, your baby will benefit from increased mobility and safety.

What is the cruising stage?
Cruising is a precious stage in the development of your baby’s mobility, when your little one is able to pull themselves up and move around independently, usually happening just before their first steps.

What age does cruising occur?
Generally, 11-13 months is the period when babies start cruising; however, bear in mind that each infant is one-of-a-kind and develops at their own rate. In actuality, your child may even bypass crawling and move right into cruising, so be prepared!

How can I encourage my baby to cruise?
Parents can provide their infants with more opportunities to cruise by taking certain measured steps and observing developmental milestones.

Ensure baby's safety whilst they learn to move around by creating a secure path of furniture they can hold onto. Taking care to prevent harm to their delicate feet, make sure each item in the nursery is secure and can withstand being grabbed or pulled, removing any potential hazards.

Mirrors and toys can act as motivators for baby's first cruising attempts. Move a few feet away and offer a favourite toy to entice them to take a few steps forward - it's a surefire strategy!

What are cruising shoes?
Cruising pre-walker baby shoes are a great option for infants, offering safety and protection that can't necessarily be provided by bare feet. As parents, we strive to provide a safe environment for our children to explore and develop during this stage of their life, therefore reducing our worry.

Pre-walker baby shoes provide optimal support for infants as they learn to walk, helping them stay safe and allowing worry-free exploration. Furthermore, pre-walker baby shoes aid in the development of managing balance and shifting weight, instilling the confidence needed for successful ambulation.

What are the best shoes for babies starting to walk?
Factors such as cost, comfort and design must be taken into account when selecting the ideal pre-walker baby shoes for your infant's first cruising shoes. Additionally, it is important to ensure your newborn's feet have optimal protection, without restriction.

Flexible, soft-soled shoes are your best bet, since they’re not only comfortable but also protective too. Many mums and dads also prefer shoes with a hook and loop closure, since they’re easier to take on and off.

SKEANIE's pre-walker baby shoes offer a selection of styles and designs that are specifically tailored to the needs of little feet starting to explore the world. From soft suede trainers to special occasion quality loafers and Mary-jane shoes, find the perfect shoe for your little cruiser.

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