The summer rains have kicked in and are set to continue well into autumn. Days are filled with ominous grey clouds, which are finally broken by sun showers and pelting rain, resulting in big puddles and vibrant rainbows. As the gloomy skies descend, it is important you and your little one are wrapped up and prepared for the rainy weather.

Rain boots should be made from natural materials, life rubber, which is better for both your child and the environment. It is important to buy gumboots of a high quality, without breaking the bank, to ensure your little one can play safely and you don’t have to buy new gear every week!

One of the most essential items for the wet weather is gumboots. And one company who can help is SKEANIE Shoes for Kids. Their kids’ gumboots are made for children aged 2 to 10 years old and are made from soft natural rubber with a cotton lining, available in several colours. With gumboots in blue, yellow or rainbow stripe, there is something for every little wet weather adventurer.

So, if you want to keep your kid safe and dry during the rain, why not get them some kids gumboots from SKEANIE. View our SKEANIE Natural Rubber Gumboots.

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