Ill-fitting footwear can have a detrimental effect on foot growth, potentially causing enduring issues in adulthood. With the wide array of shoes available, though, how can we differentiate them? Additionally, when is the proper time to introduce them to babies and toddlers?

Let babies and toddlers go barefoot as much as possible: Our consulting Podiatrist, Tracey strongly advocate that toddlers be allowed to explore the home or garden without shoes. This affords them the opportunity to gain knowledge about their surroundings and to develop balance and postural control through the stimulation of their nerve endings in the feet.

Protect your baby and toddler's feet: Tracey emphasises the need for protection for toddler's feet who are exploring new environments, stating: "Pre walker shoes should be flexible with a roomy forefoot, flat and lightweight with secure fastening and some grip for motion. Moreover, materials should be breathable and natural."

When to introduce baby and toddler shoes: Running and increased speed become part of the equation, jumping is also important for initial footwear. After transitioning from baby pre walker shoes, children may notice the difference in the firmer base; take your time introducing hard sole shoes.

Buy good quality Podiatrist recommended baby pre walker shoes: Shoes that are too wide or narrow can do as much harm as shoes that are too short or long. Cheaper shoes are not necessarily available in natural and breathable materials and may be ill-fitting.

Make sure your baby or toddler is happy in their first walker and pre walker shoes: Tracey suggests that if a baby or toddler's pre walker shoes are comfortable and allow them to move, they are less likely to take them off. However, signs that the pre walker shoes do not fit properly include frequent attempts to remove them, irritability, and redness or chafing. Parents should also note any change in their child's gait, such as decreased stability, more tripping, or a tendency to bump into things.

Is my child ready for shoes? What are pre walker shoes?

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