Metallics work well with almost every type of clothing; however, metallic shoes can very quickly gather scuff marks from constant wear. Therefore, it is essential to know how to clean metallic shoes to prevent them from reaching the state of perishing. The more care and love you will show to your metallic shoes, the longer they will last with you.

What steps to take to protect your metallic shoes?

First, you must understand that metallic shoes are made by applying a layer of metallic foil over the underlying leather. So once scuffs appear on the metallic shoes, they become irreversible. Unlike leather, they cannot be polished to restore them to their original condition. When the metallic foil receives scuffs, the underlying leather is exposed, which ruins the look of the shoes. Therefore, you must take utmost care of your metallic shoes and protect them well.

Tip 1: Please don’t wear them in muddy places. If you have to wear them where you risk muddying them, then take along shoe bags. You can put them on when crossing a dirty pavement or a street.

Tip 2: Always spray a waterproof spray on them before using your metallic shoes. This will safeguard them from water stains and keep them new for an extended period.  

Tip 3: Don’t forget to apply the same spray often, this will ensure that they are safeguarded as much as possible.

Tip 4: Don’t just throw them in your shoe cupboard. Instead, stack them neatly in a dust-free place. Ensure that each pair of metallic shoes is a little distance from the other teams. This will help to prevent dust from getting transferred from one metallic pair to another.

Although with time, some abrasions on your metallic shoes cannot be avoided, you can practice these tips well to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

How to clean metallic shoes?

The best way to take care of your metallic shoes is to apply Silver or Gold polish and waterproof spray regularly. 

What things to avoid with your metallic shoes?

  • Avoid drying them out in the sun. The intense heat can dry the foil and cause a cakey texture. Always air dry your metallic shoes if they are wet.
  • Never use bristle brushes for cleaning your metallic shoes. This will also tear the metal foil. Instead, only use a soft cloth or skinny rag for wiping your shoes.
  • Always rotate your metallic shoes. Don’t wear one pair every day. Instead, give them a break from outside dust and pollution. This will help you to elongate their lifespan.
  • Don’t forget to take time out for their weekly maintenance. You must clean them well each week if you are using them frequently.

Your footwear deserves your love and care as much as anything else. So don’t forget to keep your metallic shoes in prim and proper condition.

How to Clean Metallic Shoes | Gold & Silver Metallic


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